Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Make A Change...PLEASE

Today in the cafeteria, I saw a lady with this EXACT hairdo:

What the hell was she thinking? And it didn't look like the "updated" feather that is half-way cute either. This looked well worn if ya ask me..but ya didn't

She also had an outfit on that was AT LEAST 10 years old..

Is it that hard to change your ways?? I guess I can sort of relate, I had the same braid style for at least 5 years but even I made a change!!


pickle said...

the thing is - if you find a hairstyle and its flattering, you should stick with it.

i dont know anyone who can rock the farrah fawcett hair.

sadly, a lot of young (4th-7th grade) white boys are doing this now, have you seen?

Jill said...

My Honduran stylist gave me the Farrah Fawcett the other day, but luckily it was just the style and not the cut.