Friday, October 27, 2006

I Wonder....

Belly's not here today to eyeball my screen..WOO fucking HOOO!!

Yesterday after I confronted him, he emphatically claimed that he had not been spying on me..yeah right.
He tried to be nice to me for the rest of the day, made my skin crawl. He insisted that I look directly at him for some bullshit he was talkin about..I can't even recall what bullshit it was. As I was forcing myself to look at him, all I could think of was what kind of germs and sickness is caught up in that overgrown beard of his..eww
I can't get over his wide-eyed glare doesn't help that his thick ass glasses are round. I guess he's going for a round theme overall: Round belly, fat, round bald head, big round eyes..etc, etc

Anyway, I wonder if he actually DID see the blog. My co-worker said that if he did, we would have known by now since I say "really hateful" things about him according to her. She of course laughs OUT LOUD at these "really hateful" things though.
I keep imagining that he's hiding his anger until a later date. One day I told him that he seemed like the type that would flip the fuck out and shoot everybody in the office with a sniper rifle.
He got all flustered and mad like I insulted him (??) He claimed that with his home life, he could "take" anything.
I'll admit, his home life IS pretty fucked up. His wife (who's semi retarded according to him) refuses to take care of their 1400 kids and steals money and credit card numbers from him while he's sleeping. (She's obviously not THAT retarded) He continues to stay "for the kids sake"..ok..whatever ya big dummy.
More on his wife later..there's too much to tell for one post.

There was a food day today..thank god he wasn't here..the table would have been cleared!! Atkins Diet, My ASS!!


L' Arbre said...

I like your Blog. Its funny and HIGHLY relatable. Keep it up!!

Orhan Kahn said...

You totally did Belly. You want his babies. This much I know.

Linka72 said...

Orhan, If I did indeed do Belly, It had to have been so traumatic that I must have blocked it out of my memory.
I hope I got some money out of it at least.