Thursday, October 12, 2006

Look Here, Chicken Boy

Belly ate chicken again today..what a surprise
He ate it in the breakroom so I'm not sure it he ate A WHOLE CHICKEN like he claimed he couldn't!
I should have went in there, leaned all my lusciousness on the lunch table and watched him inhale his chicken. Sadly, he would probably love it..eww

He skipped his big ass back to his cube and said:
Belly: "Damn, that was good"
I ignored him
He said it AGAIN
So this time I asked what he meant and he said some shit about some chicken, then, all of a fucking sudden he starts with the following bullshit...
(singing and man-giggling)
Rotis eris eris ...eris (I guess this was the remix)
erissss EREEEEEEE!!!

What the fuck is going on??? It was all I could do, not to kick him in his sternum. Of course I would have to figure out a way to get my leg over his belly/shield...."You are a crafty opponent GrassHoppa"

After the "concert" was over, I just stared straight ahead at my monitor, in shock/fear,..then he finally sat down..thank you Jesus

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