Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shit I Don't Need...

I went to the mall yesterday to return THE CUTEST STEVE MADDEN FLATS EVER....EVER AND THEY WERE THE LAAAASSSST PAIR!!!, because they made me feel guilty with their $29 (on clearance) price tag and they'd probably never EVER get worn...and I needed gas money. SIGH

Across from the shoe store, there was this super huge mega mart underwear clearance center..cuz big ass purple satin draws need a place to die, I suppose.

I had nothing better to do so I went in and noticed these bras with "modesty petals" in, really?

I promise you, I can count on two fingers the times that my nips have gotten hard in the cold in my 37 years of life...really.

Maybe my nips are defective or something....and gawd, these bras were like 3 inches of push up foam too. What the hell kind of nips could possibly bust through these things??

But why is that I'm almost jealous of these "intrusive nip" people?

Probably because I just wanna buy something...yeah, that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Bullshit...

Look, I KNOW that I've been a whining crying ass heffa for the past couple of posts....

But now this:

Orchard Bank closed my credit card account..because they thought that they "heard me request it" in a previous customer service inquiry.....



No bitch, what I said was: "IF you raise my interest rate, I would consider closing my account" and YOUR SUPERVISOR said that "it DEFINITELY would not happen"..and we were square

Now I'm ass out because as a former bankruptcy filer, NOBODY LOVES ME (at least no credit card companies do)

I called them today only to hear in so many words..."Sorry Bitch..Life is what you say".
I asked to speak to a supervisor and she informed me that the reinstatement request was DENIED....umm, I was good enough for you 5 months ago but now I'm chopped liver?
And then cow even had the nerve to end the conversation with: "I hope we have a chance to do business with you in the future"....I nearly slapped her through the phone.


After a cool off period, I called again and asked to speak to the person that could fix this...spoke to an account rep who gave me the whole "canned response" thing again then put me on hold forever while she checked to see if I was eligible for a NEW card..yeah..check this out:

Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. is unable to approve your application at this time.
Unfortunately, HSBC is unable to approve your application due to the following reason(s):

{Insert my screaming, yelling and cursing here}

So yeah, now I can't rent a car when I need to..AND I MAY NEED TO THIS WEEKEND!!...

Does the steam coming out of my ears make me look fat?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can I Just Have My Fucking Money?


I hate:

1. Bank of America
2. My state's Revenue Department
3. My bootleg ass Tax Guy
4. Everything else

I had my taxes done on April 14th..cuz I'm a slack ass. By the end of May, I started to wonder where the hell my state refund was so i called the lil automated info line and was told that it was deposited on May no hell it wasn't.

So I waited

and waited....

Then I called people and started yelling...of course nobody knew shit.

I somehow found out that my $1505 dollars was deposited into some random Bank of America account...huh? Again, nobody knows shit.

...cut to today...I have made over 20 phone calls and made two seperate visits to an actual bank.

  • Bootleg ass Tax Guy says that he has no idea how that number got on my tax return..(yeah right)

  • State Dept of Revenue says they ran a tracer..The bank is fully aware that this is NOT my account number but that the bank says "contact the bank" (?)

  • Contacted the bank..they say contact Dept of Revenue and my tax preparer (?)

  • Everybody needs to suck a fat one

So bottom line, everybody knows where the body is buried but no one can find a fucking shovel for me...oh, and if that isn't bad enough, I find out that Bootleg Ass Tax Guy FORGOT to do my taxes in tax yr 2008...sigh

The reason I didn't notice was that I faxed our info to him in 2009...We received a refund via direct deposit..seemed small but I figured, "oh well, rough tax year".
Seems that my husband's taxes got done but mine, CONTAINED IN THE SAME DAMN FAX, did not get done..he probably let the dog eat them.

Now That's at least ANOTHER $1500 this asshole has fucked up...OH!! and he had the nerve to get sass-mouthed with me on the phone yesterday.."well, y'all can try to get that money (the missing refund)out of me..I aint got it"..umm, huh? This crackhead is just BEGGING me to come over there and burn his damn house down huh?
He claims that he'll get my previous year's tax return done "ASAP"..yeah, right.

So now I've taken to calling people's supervisors and such, and of course, everybody is playing stupid.

The lady at the bank commented on how calm I am about this...It's not calm, it's "beat down and nearly defeated"...

To be continued...