Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pregnancy From Hell - An Update

So yeah...I had been throwing up for 6 months...I hated all food...even water made me gag...then when I hit 7 months all of a sudden, it stopped..damn it all.

Food textures are still a little weird to me but I was always a weirdo about chicken (chunks of chicken = gag).

Fresh Hell: Ankle and foot swelling..great, joy, happiness.

Last Sunday I thought I'd get all cute and go to the Big Super Big Fucking Deal Mall of The South and do a little shopping and walking..because the doctor said to walk and stuff. I was standing there in Old Navy trying on dress #50,000 that made me look like either:

1. an overstuffed sausage or
2. a fat ass in a tent/tarp/hot air balloon when all of a sudden I decided to look down...oh foot looked like Professor Klump when he was transforming..GAG! SCREAM! CLAMP HAND OVER MOUTH CUZ I REALIZED I WAS IN PUBLIC!

I have NEVER seen ANYthing on my body swell like that..eww...then I was all embarassed because I was probably walking around like that for the past fucking hour. *sigh*....pregnancy sucks donkey balls

Ooo, but I got a "work restriction" from my doctor that says I can only work 8 hours a day intead of the usual 10..a small victory, I suppose, because I was begging for "complete bedrest" but the good ole doc wouldn't fall for my bullshit.

Fresh Funness: the baby KICKS..that shit is actually kind of cool..she also must be a budding nudist because my stomach only feels good if my shirt is pulled up over my if she wants to watch TV or make ugly faces at my co-workers is SO not cute when I feel the need to do this particular move at my desk...obviously something that is frowned upon in this establishment..fuck 'em.