Monday, December 19, 2011

Confession Monday - Being A Whore At Work

*le sigh*

There's a temp that sits across from me at work whose voice makes me want to hump his leg...

There, I "said" it.

Seriously, you should hear's da yumz.

The way that our cubicles are positioned, I can't actually see him because my monitor is in the way, but I can hear him on the phone all day..talkin' all sexaaay and shit...and he's not even trying to be just "be's like that".

Looks-wise, he's ok I guess..he has those sleepy bedroom eyes that make you wanna lay across his desk and luxuriate during lunch..but that would be blatantly whoreish...I'm more of an undercover whore thankyouverymuch.

Oh..and his laugh??!!?? easygoing, heh heh heh..

I've got one word for you...MOIST

And no, I have not told my husband about this new work crush..the last time I told him about this lil young kid at my old part time job who was asking me out, he said:

Hmm..maybe you should go out with him..then you could manipulate him out of his paycheck every week..cuz we have bills...

Yeah..true story..he swears he was kidding.