Monday, February 20, 2012

Pregnancy Jealousy and Beyonce Is A Damn Alien

I know this is old, but it's been festering in my brain for months.

Check out this bitch at the 3:17 mark....

It's official...She is not human.

My sickly ass could barely walk during the last months of my pregnancy and this broad has the nerve to do a kick-squat in 47 inch heels without fainting, vomiting and/or falling into the orchestra pit...I gotta get rich and soon.

Granted, she was in WAY better shape than I was and WAY younger..but I'm sure being rich usually does.

Yes, I'm hating..(it's because I'm bored..honestly..okay, maybe not)

For most of my pregnancy I was sick as a dog. Add to that wonderfullness SCIATICA..on BOTH SIDES..yay.

So when I would see these bright, shiny and happy pregnant ladies around town, I would secretly hate them..then I would go home and cry because yeah, I had THAT too.

Pregnancy wasn't fun for do people do this more than once???

It's probably that moment, early in the morning when your widdle baybay looks up at you with that sweet cherub face and babbbles something that sounds like "mama"..sigh, that child has made me a fucking sappy ass sap...

And on another note...Build-A-Bear Workshop is the Devil...that is all.