Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fuck You And Your Raggedy Ass Carwash


And for today's "Complaint, Whine, Bitch and Moan" News....

Last week my husband went to our local carwash, CARNETT'S for his usual $29.99 carwash.
(He goes there every other week or so, so the people there know him by first name and vice versa)
He pulls the car up, they wave for him to get out and go wait in the lobby - as usual
But this time, they don't give him a little "pay us bitch" ticket...hmm, strange he thinks but continues on into the lobby.
He busies himself on their free internet while he waits - as usual - and when it's time for the car to be ready, he SPEAKS DIRECTLY TO THE MANAGER and says "Are we good? Straight?" as in "Is this one free??" and the guy says SURE, BYEEEEE!! in his usual, weird, chipper way.

ok so...I had no idea that any of this happens because men don't EVER tell you the important things...EVER.

Why then did I get a CERTIFIED LETTER in the mail from the local police dept mentioning that these fucktards have filed a report for Theft Of Services against me and the husband???

{Insert lots of WTFs and Who In The Hells here}

I called the detective and asked her what was going on and she explains that she has just watched the surveillance video showing my seemingly THIEFTASTICAL husband "stealing a carwash"..umm, hold on lady, we're not thieves...and if we were, we'd steal something WAAAYYY better than a raggedy ass carwash.

Since I didn't want any trouble from Da Po Po, I asked her what we needed to do in order to clear this up and she said "Oh, just pay big deal".....NO BIG DEAL??? The hell?

I called my husband, screamed at him and stuff...poor guy, he didn't deserve the screaming but I was pre menstrual..shut up..I was!
He explained the situation so then I called the carwash...these fools were more worried about it getting ready to rain outside than they were about me screaming and hollering about their shitty procedures...*sigh*

So I paid these jackasses this morning...they were all boucing around and happy to have me back like nothing happened -yeah fuck you, here's your damn took everything in my soul not to take my arm and sweep it across the counter, knocking ALL that shit off of it...but I didn't

Because as you are all aware, I'm SUCH a fucking lady...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

WTF IS THAT LIL PIC THINGIE?? is it just me or is there a lil Photobucket "fuck you" image superimposed on my blog page??

The interwebbins is tha devil...

EDITED TO ADD: was my background..seems the webadingalinding site went outta business...