Friday, July 29, 2011

I Think My Pee Hole Is Broken

Yeah..I said it.

When I was in the hospital having the baby, I had to get a catheter because..I dunno why, anywhoo, ever since then, my pee stream is different...just an FYI from a dumb ass.

On another note, the baby is two months old and is a rock star..that doesn't feel that it is necessary to sleep at night...I am one sleepy bitch, especially since I went back to work this week (booooooo work).
My first day back, I basically fucked around and made it look like I was working but I was mostly trying not to break down in big weepy tears because I missed the baby..I don't cry as much as I used to but...still.

Seemingly, "There is no crying in baseball" in my husband's world when it comes to me. He gave me a "pass" when I was pregs and a little while after but now he's giving me the "oh here we go again" look when he sees me getting kind of makes me laugh though...him being all uncomfortable with this girly stuff. Especially since I GAVE BIRTH TO A GIRL-CHILD!!!!

I seriously needed a sedative today when she got her immunization shots..oh emmm fuckin gee that was an ordeal.I NEVER want to hear my child scream like that again.
I would have cried but my husband the Tear Nazi was there and proclaimed that only one female could cry in his presence today...whatever, jackass...ha

I have to go now....the baby has sensed that I am doing something OTHER than eyeballing and/or feeding her.