Friday, June 19, 2009

Man Candy Of The Week - Jason Michael Carroll

OMG...(what am I - 12 years old??)

Have ya seen this fine hunk of countryness before??

Well it seems that he's an upcoming country star..and he's yummy..please oggle him some more

I've oficially added him to the "White Guys That Could Get It" list..and that list is pretty damn long..apparently I'm a whore...but strangely not ashamed.

Here's what he sounds like..SO not what he looks like.

Let Me Go - Jason Michael Carroll

Is it weird that I wanna braid his hair and put barettes in it?...yeah, I guess it is.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bob Vila Has Left The Building...


What next?

The other night I came home to find this:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you..There's my kitchen's below builder quality upper cabinets..falling down like a drunk teenager.

I'm pretty sure the only thing holding them there is that vent soffit and a little fairy dust.

So imagine me screaming and crying about "all my lovely glassware" while my husband just about shattered his spine holding up the cabinet while I unloaded it....then imagine the argument that ensued because I was "moving too damn slow"...ahem, anyway...

Now, they've always hung "kinda weird" since the first day. Here's a pic of how they looked when we moved in 2 years ago:

Yeah..crooked-ish but "sturdy feeling" I decided to go ahead and load 'em up with all of this:

Ya think that's why they almost fell down???

*batting eyelashes*

I've been up all night anticipating the sound of the cabinets crashing down..I need to take a pill of some sort..or maybe shock therapy will help.