Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bob Vila Has Left The Building...


What next?

The other night I came home to find this:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you..There's my kitchen's below builder quality upper cabinets..falling down like a drunk teenager.

I'm pretty sure the only thing holding them there is that vent soffit and a little fairy dust.

So imagine me screaming and crying about "all my lovely glassware" while my husband just about shattered his spine holding up the cabinet while I unloaded it....then imagine the argument that ensued because I was "moving too damn slow"...ahem, anyway...

Now, they've always hung "kinda weird" since the first day. Here's a pic of how they looked when we moved in 2 years ago:

Yeah..crooked-ish but "sturdy feeling" I decided to go ahead and load 'em up with all of this:

Ya think that's why they almost fell down???

*batting eyelashes*

I've been up all night anticipating the sound of the cabinets crashing down..I need to take a pill of some sort..or maybe shock therapy will help.

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