Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hide Your Children....and Your Cookies

Oh my god...Belly is dating!!!

Yes, there are miracles, I guess.

He leaned over the wall and said to me: Hey..hey..hey..(what motherfucker??) I'm hollerin' at somebody"
I just looked over at him and nodded and smiled like I was interested..of course I was not.
But wait, why would you want to leave one shitty situation just to get back into ANOTHER one?? Dumb ass.

For the past couple of weeks, he's been in his cubicle giggling on the, not the "usual" man-giggle, no, this is that annoying "I'm all in love and shit" cube mates and I try o decipher what he's over there whispering..we imagine he's saying:

"Oh yeah, I love donuts too..mmmm, sprinkle some sugar right there baby..."

or my personal favorite:

"You want me to 'dip it' in some au jus you sexy thang??"

We have been laughing for days...we are mean...and it is fun.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Still a dummy

Ok, so neither the Landlord or her Agent has called me with a yea or nay....I'm anxious and pissed off...and I'm unfortunately taking it out on TOH...he's doing the same to me too though...we should be nicer to each other huh?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blog MIA

I haven't been here in like, sixty seven years....

I've been busy threatening my apartment complex and their corporate office. They admitted that since they cannot guarantee that they can fix my air conditioner, (they only have 1 maintenance man..go figure) they will let me terminate my lease 6 months early with NO PENALTIES!!!!

Woo fuckin' hoo!!!

Problem is, we found a condo we like but it's going to cost $1000 per month rent....we've been paying $688 a month in the apt. for 8 years.....we'll be poor...actually if we just managed our money better it wouldn't be a problem....I just like to worry about things until I get an ulcer...and the overnight bubble guts..sad.

The landlord has charged us $50 to check our credit (which she claimed "she really didn't care about") and WE have to find a police station to pay TEN damn DOLLARS for a background check..oh and she needs our $1000 deposit right away...then on the 1st, the $1000
I'm already irritated and nervous and we haven't even moved yet...where in the fuck are we going to get $2000 by Sept 1st??? Oh, and the regular bills keep rollin' in....Maybe we'll win the Lotto and everything will be fine..maybe not.

If I could just borrow a couple of thousand..I could pay it back in two months, tops....Don't ya just hate it when you and everybody you know, (including your parents) is poor?? Where did I go wrong?? I could have sworn that I had "friends with money" at one time. I think they bought they're poor too..bastards

That's it, I've concluded that I have been far too lenient on TOH when it comes to his money. I'm going to start thieving his entire check...weekly haircuts?? uh, not anymore...."Guy's night out?? Not this year...ANOTHER pair of Air Force 1's...sorry charlie.

Everybody pray for us..and if you don't pray...then think good thoughts for us...cuz we gotta get outta the ghetto!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rude Shit

Because I'm a mean cow, I'd like to rattle off a list of things I think are rude.

1. Speakerphone
This speakerphone is fucking rude - period. I get calls from end users all the time on that stupid thing..trying to "look" important. To be hateful, I usually talk really low and quiet..almost a whisper until they are forced to pick up the phone....then I talk in a normal voice....hahahaha being mean is fun.
Also, speakerphone is 15 times as rude on your stupid little Razr/I Phone/Crackberry phone..nobody wants to know what club you and your methed out friends are going to tonight..believe me, you do NOT look cool.

2. Sucking Your Teeth and Being A Pushy Dyke
Don't get me wrong, I love the gays....
I was at the gym the other day..minding my own fucking business...the tallest, burliest, biggest,butchest broad in the gym decides that instead of using one of the other 10,000 machines, she would like to jump on the one RIGHT next to me and start her "workout". I could tell that she was looking at me, so I refused to look over at her. She smelled weird too...I know we're in a gym and all but yeck!!! Why do I always attract "this type"..poor me.
Anywayyyyy, after about 5 minutes, she starts sucking her teeth. At first I thought she was making kissing noises and I almost gagged but then I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw her lip all jacked up in the air and her nasty tongue licking her teeth...must have been that fried Wildebeest she had for lunch. Needless to say, my workout was over.
At this very same gym, I had a dyke trying to get at me over the stall wall..I could hear her at the bathroom entrance, she kept saying: "Hey, Hey...Hey" (much like Belly does and you know how I hate that shit). I waited her ass out though..trapped in a nasty Bally Total Fitness toilet....please help me

3. Bathroom Stall Closeness
Ok, maybe it's just me but I like a little "buffer" between me and you in the ladies room. Why is it that every time I go in the bathroom at work, I'm made uncomfortable by some broad who sits RIGHT next to me..her foot practically touching mine...look lady, there are 42 other stalls in here..are ya lonely???

4. The Left Turn Signal
Ok this doesn't really fall under the "rude" category, but it's something that I think is just plain fucking stupid. Why are people so damn nervous about turning's your light jackass GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I always get stuck behind Nervous Nelly who finds it necessary to brake when turning left...are you afraid you might flip it over at 2 mph??

alright..I'm tired of bitching..we now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

Go away..

Kick Rocks!!!..

Ok at least clean up my room if you're going to stand there like that...

And bring me a sandwich....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Donde Esta Rhythm??

So I decided to not let that hateful cardio funk class beat me.
I went back once and took it easy this groin injuries this time around thankyouverymuch!!!

I did, however, decide that I wanted to try a different dance's called Zumba..oooh, aren't you excited??
According to Bally's site, it is:
A Fusion of Latin dance movements and music with modern dance

Hell, I can do that..I think.

Class started out OK. I was mostly able to keep up with the instructor but then she started doing fast shit.."Ok class!! Merengue!!! ( I thought that was a light, fluffy baked dessert thing..but anyway...)
Then comes the Mambo..fucking Mambo...oh great, now the Salsa..I almost fell on that one....The Samba can go straight to hell - look instructor lady, it hurts my back to do that....but wait!! here comes......


I love the damn shimmy! Granted, my tits are a little large for an "all out shimmy", but it made me feel sassy, and if you know anything at all, feeling sassy if the most important thing. We even did the shimmy in a circle..I am SO joining the advanced group next week...uh, maybe not.

Then I noticed my dumb ass in the mirror...I looked like a damn fool..these tight-ass shorts look like shit and the rest of the class was doing SO much better than me...They were mostly Hispanic though..I know it sounds stereotypical but, aren't I supposed to have some sort of "god-given internal rhythm" too???

My home-made "dance" shirt is looking a little tight too..look at those side huh?...OK now I want to stop..damn mirrors. And all those weird

I snuck (word?) out of class during one of the breaks and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes...hell, at least I didn't leave and go get a double Belly would.

Friday, August 03, 2007

It's Gettin Hot In Herrrrrre

Okay, that was a lame ass title..but I couldn't think of anything else but:

Hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin dirty and gritty

And that was even MORE lame ass.

Anyway, for the past forever and two weeks, the air conditioner in my apartment hasn't been working properly. I'm not shitting you, It is 90 FUCKING DEGREES in my apartment.

My slum lord - I mean property manager - promised on TUESDAY that she would personally "go down there with the maintenance guy" and fix the damn thing..yeah, right. Every night, I had been calling the so-called "On call maintenance" but they never called me back..fuckers.

You know it's bad when TOH gets mad at someting...he NEVER gets mad at anything...It reallllly pisses me off.
Anywhoo, he called me at work on Tuesday evening and here's how THAT loving conversation went:

Me: Hello, this in Linka
TOH: Why is it so FUCKING HOT IN HERE!!!!!???!!!
Me: Hello?
TOH: You gotta call those fucking people, right now!!
Me: It's nice to hear your voice too, sugar cakes
TOH: Oh, uh..hi..It's really hot..didn't she say it would be fixed today???

I know what you're thinking.."Why doesn't HE just 'call the fucking people'"?

Well, they don't know he lives there....they want to run a credit check and demand an additional deposit for any additional tenats..fuck that.

We tried to wait them out but later that night, TOH was bored and decided to try to "see if he could fix it himself"...bad idea, especially for someone who doesn't even know where we keep the toolbox.
He was standing there in the hallway turning the switch off and I told him NOT to..when all of a sudden..THE MOTOR EXPLODED!!! I screamed at him..WHAT DID YOU DO???? answer....more of me yelling from the living answer...finally after I screamed it one more time, he actually screamed back at me: "I didn't do ANYTHING!!"..ok dude, sure you didn't...the explosion was immediately followed by smoke and then some nasty fumes..great, not only is it 6 thousand degrees in it stinks too, how sexy and romantic.

So after spending yet another night in "The Sweatbox", I took two hours off of work, walked into the leasing office and...completely embarassed myself.

I believe I managed to get out two words before bursting into a crying fit of the highest order..."Air conditioner" was all that came out...The manager and her assistant were kind of staring at me like I was a crackhead but they managed to console me.
I can't believe I was actually crying like that..I guess it was the pressure of living in a glorified slum for the past few years that finally got to me...and on top of all was nice and frosty cold in the leasing office..mother.fucker.

The manager gave me her personal cell phone number and promised that it would be fixed before I got home from work....uh, ok

TOH called me at work (again) later that evening and declared that he was "fucking leaving" and that even though they replaced the motor, they had not refilled the freon (which has been leaking for months according to maintenance) and it was STILL hot. He went to play pool and after work, I hung out in Kohl's for an hour and a half..mmm, really cold air conditioning and overpriced bras..yaaayy.

I, again, called the on call maintenance assholes call back...I then used my "call a friend-lifeline" to call the property manager...had to leave a fucking voicemail...I'm pissed.

She finally calls back at around 10:00 pm and says that in order to get the maintenance guy to come out, she had to tell him that I was asthmatic...uh, I'm not though...I'm diabetic instead...I guess my real medical condition wasn't good enough for them.

He got there around 10:30 pm with his little flashlight...I gave him the full rundown and he just kind of nodded but said nothing...He went outside to the ground unit and did something for about 15 minutes then came back upstairs, said something about fixing the pressure and that it should be cool soon.

Woo damn Hoo!!

I closed all the windows, turned off all the fans and promptly fell into a deep exhausted coma.

TOH comes in sometime later and declares: "It's HOT in here!!" blah, blah, blahdy, blah..He talked me almost to death.
I told him to shut up and go to sleep..because it wasn't hot..really.
Then, the next morning he has the NERVE to say: "Damn, it's cold in here, turn the thermostat up!!"

I swear, I love him, but I could kill his ass sometimes.