Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Donde Esta Rhythm??

So I decided to not let that hateful cardio funk class beat me.
I went back once and took it easy this groin injuries this time around thankyouverymuch!!!

I did, however, decide that I wanted to try a different dance's called Zumba..oooh, aren't you excited??
According to Bally's site, it is:
A Fusion of Latin dance movements and music with modern dance

Hell, I can do that..I think.

Class started out OK. I was mostly able to keep up with the instructor but then she started doing fast shit.."Ok class!! Merengue!!! ( I thought that was a light, fluffy baked dessert thing..but anyway...)
Then comes the Mambo..fucking Mambo...oh great, now the Salsa..I almost fell on that one....The Samba can go straight to hell - look instructor lady, it hurts my back to do that....but wait!! here comes......


I love the damn shimmy! Granted, my tits are a little large for an "all out shimmy", but it made me feel sassy, and if you know anything at all, feeling sassy if the most important thing. We even did the shimmy in a circle..I am SO joining the advanced group next week...uh, maybe not.

Then I noticed my dumb ass in the mirror...I looked like a damn fool..these tight-ass shorts look like shit and the rest of the class was doing SO much better than me...They were mostly Hispanic though..I know it sounds stereotypical but, aren't I supposed to have some sort of "god-given internal rhythm" too???

My home-made "dance" shirt is looking a little tight too..look at those side huh?...OK now I want to stop..damn mirrors. And all those weird

I snuck (word?) out of class during one of the breaks and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes...hell, at least I didn't leave and go get a double Belly would.

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

At least you had some rythym. Unlike my lily white ass.