Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hide Your Children....and Your Cookies

Oh my god...Belly is dating!!!

Yes, there are miracles, I guess.

He leaned over the wall and said to me: Hey..hey..hey..(what motherfucker??) I'm hollerin' at somebody"
I just looked over at him and nodded and smiled like I was interested..of course I was not.
But wait, why would you want to leave one shitty situation just to get back into ANOTHER one?? Dumb ass.

For the past couple of weeks, he's been in his cubicle giggling on the, not the "usual" man-giggle, no, this is that annoying "I'm all in love and shit" cube mates and I try o decipher what he's over there whispering..we imagine he's saying:

"Oh yeah, I love donuts too..mmmm, sprinkle some sugar right there baby..."

or my personal favorite:

"You want me to 'dip it' in some au jus you sexy thang??"

We have been laughing for days...we are mean...and it is fun.

1 comment:

phosgraphis said...

You should ask to see a picture. My bet is she's blind, deaf, and has no sense of smell. Or desperate with 15 kids.

Pros: Could provide endless amounts of hilarity.

Cons: he could think you're actually interested and then start telling you details about their relationship. *shudder*