Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blog MIA

I haven't been here in like, sixty seven years....

I've been busy threatening my apartment complex and their corporate office. They admitted that since they cannot guarantee that they can fix my air conditioner, (they only have 1 maintenance man..go figure) they will let me terminate my lease 6 months early with NO PENALTIES!!!!

Woo fuckin' hoo!!!

Problem is, we found a condo we like but it's going to cost $1000 per month rent....we've been paying $688 a month in the apt. for 8 years.....we'll be poor...actually if we just managed our money better it wouldn't be a problem....I just like to worry about things until I get an ulcer...and the overnight bubble guts..sad.

The landlord has charged us $50 to check our credit (which she claimed "she really didn't care about") and WE have to find a police station to pay TEN damn DOLLARS for a background check..oh and she needs our $1000 deposit right away...then on the 1st, the $1000
I'm already irritated and nervous and we haven't even moved yet...where in the fuck are we going to get $2000 by Sept 1st??? Oh, and the regular bills keep rollin' in....Maybe we'll win the Lotto and everything will be fine..maybe not.

If I could just borrow a couple of thousand..I could pay it back in two months, tops....Don't ya just hate it when you and everybody you know, (including your parents) is poor?? Where did I go wrong?? I could have sworn that I had "friends with money" at one time. I think they bought they're poor too..bastards

That's it, I've concluded that I have been far too lenient on TOH when it comes to his money. I'm going to start thieving his entire check...weekly haircuts?? uh, not anymore...."Guy's night out?? Not this year...ANOTHER pair of Air Force 1's...sorry charlie.

Everybody pray for us..and if you don't pray...then think good thoughts for us...cuz we gotta get outta the ghetto!!!

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AtYourCervix said...

Good grief.....are you sure you want to move to the $1000/month place? Can you find something (out of the ghetto) that's a little less expensive, and maybe a smaller security deposit?

Our rent was just raised (goes into effect Nov 1st). For a dinky 2 bedroom townhouse with little storage space, I think I'd rather live in a bigger place, and pay what they're raising our rent to. I hate it when they raise rents. (And meanwhile, maintenance respond time goes dramatically DOWN, I've noticed, as the rent rises)