Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pregnancy From Hell - An Update

So yeah...I had been throwing up for 6 months...I hated all food...even water made me gag...then when I hit 7 months all of a sudden, it stopped..damn it all.

Food textures are still a little weird to me but I was always a weirdo about chicken (chunks of chicken = gag).

Fresh Hell: Ankle and foot swelling..great, joy, happiness.

Last Sunday I thought I'd get all cute and go to the Big Super Big Fucking Deal Mall of The South and do a little shopping and walking..because the doctor said to walk and stuff. I was standing there in Old Navy trying on dress #50,000 that made me look like either:

1. an overstuffed sausage or
2. a fat ass in a tent/tarp/hot air balloon when all of a sudden I decided to look down...oh foot looked like Professor Klump when he was transforming..GAG! SCREAM! CLAMP HAND OVER MOUTH CUZ I REALIZED I WAS IN PUBLIC!

I have NEVER seen ANYthing on my body swell like that..eww...then I was all embarassed because I was probably walking around like that for the past fucking hour. *sigh*....pregnancy sucks donkey balls

Ooo, but I got a "work restriction" from my doctor that says I can only work 8 hours a day intead of the usual 10..a small victory, I suppose, because I was begging for "complete bedrest" but the good ole doc wouldn't fall for my bullshit.

Fresh Funness: the baby KICKS..that shit is actually kind of cool..she also must be a budding nudist because my stomach only feels good if my shirt is pulled up over my if she wants to watch TV or make ugly faces at my co-workers is SO not cute when I feel the need to do this particular move at my desk...obviously something that is frowned upon in this establishment..fuck 'em.


Elise said...

Oh, I'm not looking forward to the day I get pregnant... But you have good luck! :D

Colin said...

My wife put on 70lbs, life was hell for her, but she got rid of it slow and steady. It will be worth it though, when those tiny fingers wrap around one of yours. good health to you.

Brandon said...

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