Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby Registry Discussions - Just Like Compton

As per usual, it seems that my big mouth has started "some shit" on's a're welcome.

After a discussion that started at work last week, I posted this today:

Question: If someone sets up a Baby/Gift Registry, do you buy them items they request or do you (as someone said to me) buy them "whatever the hell you feel inclined to" even though they don't "need" it?
btw - We're registered at Target, Wal Mart, Kohl's, Babies R Us, Amazon and Buy Buy

Because really, If people say they need something, they might REALLY need it..especially first time parents LIKE ME..then the comments came in..some of them should go in the "oh noes" category:

um...I would get something from the registry since it is something they want. Unless I came across something additional that is from the heart (like games to go with the Kinect - lol)

Well, it depends on what type of mood I am in. I typically don't like to buy from the registry because it gets "lost" with all the other gifts. I like wondering the malls looking for that gift I know that will be different from the others. BTW...I will probably not buy from the registry so you can roll your eyes at me now. I love you anyway:)

I buy "whatever the hell I feel inclined to" - most likely off of the registry. Ha! :)

I buy off the registry but I know several ppl who make their own ish why u buying someone bottles but not looking at their registry to see which one they want?!

I dom't like registries. I think folks should should just buy what they want. People put such ridiculous items on the registries, and some people have too many.

You will be surprised by what you really need and what you don't need :-).

I guess the better question would be, what do you think are the essential items that first time parents need on their registry? I know that half the stuff I registered for I really didn't need. My essentials were: stroller, diaper genie, bottles, and some pacifiers.

Back in the 'olden days' when i had my boys, i did not register at all. People just gave me what they wanted, or gift cards, and that seemed to work out okay. People NEVER get everything on their registries anyway, then it is a pain inthe butt to go and get everything later...

I say let them buy their own stuff. They're the ones who decided to have a baby.

although people will give you what they want to, I feel very strongly about "registries" and "things you need and want list". I always try to buy the person what I would like them to buy for me if I were in their shoes... But that being said, most people will say what Charles just said, "let them buy their own stuff"!

You buy them what they want. How would you feel on christmas when you asked for a Barbie and you got a G.I Joe? Just saying. If you sent someone to grab you lunch and said get me a Big Mac and they came back with a Whopper you would be pissed.

You should be grateful that you had something to eat, whopper or big mac

that makes no sense. This isn't Ethiopia. Point was buy people that they want for their child. If you don't want to then don't buy anything. They may have read reviews and decided they didn't want a certain brand because they are not sturdy.

I don't care where you are, you still need an attitide of gratitude. I am grateful for whatever gifts are given to me, whether they are things or otherwise. When we disagree with someone's opinion, there is no need to say it makes sense or to engage in Ethiopian stereoypes.

The one about "they are the ones that decided to have a baby" kinda pissed me off, but I can't for the life of me remember who the fuck that person is or why they are my FB friend so, oh well.

THEN, I get a "wall post" from an older lady I work with that said:

Just be grateful for whatever you're given...get over it ! ! So don't be mad if folks on your FB page don't get you nothing ! ! And don't be talking 'bout folks on FB and your secret blog...LOL!!

See how she put "LOL" at the end?..believe me, she wasn't laughing out loud, she was dead-ass serious and has called me ungrateful to my face before. She doesn't like the fact that I don't share my name and personal info on this blog either. sigh...I can't get into that right now, I'm sleepy.

And because I am a pregnant, emotional, sappy ass cow, I got my "perty lil feelers" hurt and posted something that the pre-pregnant me would have NEVER fucking posted:

Please don't get me wrong about the Baby Registry post, seems that I came off as an ungrateful snot.
I just think that if someone says that they need something, I wouldn't want to waste money (or their time) getting them stuff they can't use.
We would just as soon take your well wishes and prayers and "make do" like our parents did.
I was just interested in what people thought.

I should have just said - "BUY ME THE SHIT I REQUESTED ON THE FUCKING REGISTRY ALREADY, DAMN!"....but I didn't.

People were nice with their next comments (I suppose):

I don't think you came across as ungrateful. I know from all of your FB posts that you do what I do, just engage folks in the converstion.

and a different older lady said:

P.S. As an old woman, I have found that the best gifts are those I didn't ask for.

I should be shot at sundown for backing off of my point like that...I'm too emotional for FaceBook these days.

How 'bout we end this post with a lil Gangsta Rap to make us all warm and fuzzy....


One late comment posted by my Cousin-in-law (whose leg I shall hump the next time I see her):
I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DON'T STICK TO THE REGISTRY! If you have to get something because YOU want them to have it then get that in addition to a registry item. Selfish! A gift is shouldn't be more about the person that it's from than the person it's for! Always include receipt.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I think if you are the type of person who likes to just get whatever gifts anyone is nice enough to give you - then why bother to register? If you're happy with itchy hand crocheted afghans and decoupage poetry on driftwood - then go ahead and throw caution to the wind and don't register.

On the other hand... if you are like me and hate to have to return a bunch of crap that people give you that you didn't want - then registering for gifts is a great way to steer your friends and loved ones in the right direction of not wasting your time (having to return stuff), and their money (on crap you didn't want but don't have a receipt to return it).

In some ways it's a courtesy to your peeps and shower guests who may have no earthly idea just what the hell your want or need.

Now that being said - there are some toolbags out there who go completely over the top with that scanner gun and register for utterly ridiculous things that are unrelated to either getting married or having a baby or out of everyone's price range.

My family, mostly rednecks from Kentucky, don't seem to understand the concept of the registry and although they bought me things from the registry, they didn't bother to check first to see if someone else already got it OR tell the cashier to remove it from the registry after they bought it. So I actually had duplicates and triplicates from the damn registry from my stupid backwater relatives.

I'm not going to have any babies - but I imagine the baby registry is much the same. A registry can help guide people and save you time - but only when used properly.

Sorry this is so long, but I have opinions about such things.

Liorsion said...

A lot of what you say makes sense to completely (and is funny). I won't plug my business in but one of the reasons I built it was to create a better way to do registries, and I'm trying to do something in between: allow you to create your wish list, but also allow others to suggest new things that might be interesting, and at any rate - prevent people from buying the same things twice.. :)

Gift buying is a pain. It shouldn't be, but it is.