Friday, October 06, 2006

I Wish....

Me and my co-workers compiled an "I wish" list today.
It kind of relates to my "What If I Had Super Powers"'s what our slack-asses came up with:

I wish it was OK to brandish a firearm in traffic - It would clear up a lot of foolishness

I wish that I didn't HAVE to work..again..ever

I wish I could go Deaf..selectively, so I wouldn't have hear certain shit or people

I wish the manager at Subway would stop playing "slap and tickle" with the bitch behind the counter and make my fucking sandwich...vent much??

I wish I had a flat stomach and a really big ass like that girl on Flavor of Love (I confess, that was mine)

I wish I wasn't a compulsive spender

I wish I was on a dance team in a HBCU marching band, I'll need to request extra fabric

Speaking of "extra fabric", I wish Belly would buy shirts that fit. But when you have 4,000 children, I guess money, like your shirt, is tight

Anywhoo..back to the list

I wish other people could pee FOR you

I wish you could gain and lose weight at will

I wish I lived in a nice a nice neighborhood..for free

I wish people would actually GO when the light turned green

I wish the soldiers could come home..alive..forever

I wish....


1 comment:

deb said...

I wish it would all make sense and we could all be willing and equal participants. Victims and dictators would disintegrate like flies on one of those new fangled electric swatters (well, the flies actually spin and wiggle a bit before they die...but but but...but I might like to see the evil humans do it too....)

I like your blog.