Saturday, October 28, 2006

Now Was THAT Necessary?? Some Rich People Suck.

On the weekends, I sometimes work a part-time retail job in a very ritzy frou frou mall.
I love this job because I get a 40% discount on everything and I get free shoes 4 times a year (Woo Hoo!!).

I've noticed a pattern however that I just don't "get". Whenever an older, White gentlemen comes up to the counter to pay for his items, I ring it all up, give him total and HE THROWS/FLINGS his credit card or money across the fucking counter!!! Now don't tell me I'm being hyper-sensitive, 'cause at one point I told myself the same thing so I watched this phenonenon VERY closely for a whole month...98 out of 100 or so older, white gentlemen THREW their damn credit cards or money at me...
So. Fucking. Rude.
Also, they people that shop there are so nasty to us sometimes, I guess they're used to having servants or something. I've taken to giving it like I get it, if you throw shit at me, I'm throwing it back at you. This always gets the "dirty look" reaction and it makes me laugh..ahahahahaha

There is one exception though: Every few weeks this GOE-JUS couple comes in and buys about $2000 worth of work-out clothes and they have NEVER been nasty to any of us. They always say please and thank anyone with "home training" would. I want them to adopt me..would that be weird?

Probably so.

On a side note..Why do the mannequins have to have erect nipples???? I always feel dirty when I have to change their shirts..eww


Jill said...

Those manequins creep me out too. Is it so hard to put a bra on them?

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL...I love it!
I, too, am in retail. When the uppity pull that number with me, I usually get them back on the return exchange. I hold their card in my hand, with hand rested on counter...look straight in their eyes, smile & says 'here's your card' & set it on the counter, just as the go to take it...smiling the whole way. When they leave sometimes I'll wave & say 'bye-bye' in a sing song voice...and then I'll mumble 'There's five fingers up, but one is especially for you.'

Vinnie G. said...

Thank you! I thought I was the only one who got pissed about that. I love to take their card, stare at the screen really hard and say "oh, let me try this out. . ." and stare at the screen some more and watch them sweat as they think their card is being declined. It also helps me to think that these people are probably living so far out of their means that they don't even have furniture in their McMansions.