Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Cornball Has Returned

He is soooo fucking corny.....

He's back from a week's was nice while it lasted...I wonder if he needed the seatbelt extender on the plane..But I digress,

Today we had pizza..Belly was on the phone AND eating so I questioned him, basically asking if he was sure they could understand him. So, while working on his second plate and his fifth slice, he sings: (in the tune of Purple Haze)
'Scuse me while I kill this pie!!
He was so damn proud of himself for that one..stupid ass giggled SO hard, I thought his pizza would come back up...eww, he'd probably eat it again.

Yes, I know what you're thinking...Isn't Belly on ATKINS?????? He claims that since he paid for it, he should be able to cheat on his diet.
I think if we weren't monitoring it, he would have eaten a whole pizza..oh wait, that's not possible, since he claims he can't eat a whole chicken.

I can imagine on his vacation that he stuck to his guns, only eating berries and lettuce wedge salads "Low Fat Dressing on the side please". What the hell ever!!
Oh, the comedy.....


lioux said...

..."he sings: (in the tune of Purple Haze)
'Scuse me while I kill this pie!!"


Why do I get the feeling that with everything Belly shoves in his face; You're the one who is going to end up with high blood pressure and a heart condition?

Orhan Kahn said...

Oh, the comedy indeed.