Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Calling All Greedy Bastards

I was working quietly (can you believe it?) when all of a sudden the floor started to shake..Lo and Behold, it was Belly bounding down the aisle, take-out lunch in hand, cheesy smile on face.

He opened the box and graced us with the stink of said lunch. Had had a 600 piece wing combo - okay maybe it was a 30 piece - all soaked in vinegary nastiness.

A co-worker walked by and made some random comment about his wings and Belly says: Oh I'd rate them a "B", they're not that good

But you know his fat ass then proceeded to EAT THE WHOLE THING including the celery and dressing..I think I heard the crunch of styrofoam, but I could be wrong....

The carnage was so fascinating that people kept walking by "oohing and ahhing".."dang, that's a lot of chicken bones".
He sat there the whole time looking proud..stuffing his face and smiling....eww


QT said...

Unbelievable. I think at this point he goes home at night and think up ways to gross you out. YUCK!

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL....I think Belly used to work with me...he'd use the coupon 'buy 40, get 10 free.'


This has has me in fits of giggles but i feel for u
candy xx

Tara said...

I found you through the Random Blog website and I'm just sitting here chuckling to myself over this guy you're describing. As I read that, the woman across the way must've bought some really garlicy lunch and it's wafting over to my area.