Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"You know who" was invading the privacy of my cubicle again today and he caught me Blogging. I'm not sure how long he had been eyeballin' my screen or exactly what he saw but He had the nerve to chastise me and tell me about our company's "blogging" code of conduct policy!! Excuse me??
He then went on to tell me a story of how, in his previous role in the company, he had to compile info on someone who was blogging and then how he reported all of it to the person's manager..I guess they were fired because of his "investigation". I didn't bother to listen to the rest of the story, I was deaf from pissivity.

I was considering deleting this blog and creating another one..under a different a different language.. I even emailed some of my commenters and told them "It was over"
BUT part of me says:
And besides that, I only speak english..and not very well most times.
But the other part of me doesn't trust his sneaky ass (yes, if you are reading this, I mean YOU Thickums BigButt). He might run and tell management that I was mean to and had been saying mean things about him. I do still need a job, unfortunately.

As I'm typing this (from home) my rebellious side is telling him to mind his own business and that if he thinks he can "screw" me, I can "screw" him worse.
I've calmed down a little since I got home.

The reality that he would find my blog has always been in the back of my mind. I never really answered my own question of: What if someone found out that you blogged about them..and they weren't happy??


Red Rollerskate said...

I've thought about that too. I am a home daycare provider and it is nice to be able to vent on my blog. I don't use real names or identifying details - definitely not my own name. But IF someone were to find my blog, I would be SO screwed...

Tom said...

Load it on his computer and when he rats you out tell management its his blog and he is only trying to blame you.

Jeez, I just found you yesterday dont go, it will be like so many dates I have had.

Laughed my ass off all night.

KaY said...

Then I would tell them to deal with it. It's my blog, and as long as I didn't name them, I can say whatever I want. Hehe

skinnylittleblonde said...

Tom has a great idea. CYA with the job, anyway.
As for Belly...well, 'Hey' it might make him feel better if he knows he has a fan club &/or following...LOL.
If he calls you on it, tell him to get his own damn blog & put his bitching there. maybe he can double his fan-base.

please don't take your blog away...I just learned how to blogroll tonight & I linked you so that I no longer have to hunt you down :)

DareDevil8 said...

that has always been a problem with blogging.spew out all the shit on the whole world, hoping no one knows u and get away with it.
as long as u do not name all the character in your bitching session,should be alright!

Anonymous said...

You can't leave! I love your blog, it helps me get through the day! I think Belly would piss me off if I worked with you and all you have is this blog to vent, you need it, and we need you! So don't let him run you away! We all gotta let off some steam. 2 cents said...

Ew, I think I'd delete this blog and start blogging from a new blog, just from home. Sounds like you could get in trouble for blogging mean things from work. But, remember to please share your new blog address with me. Your blogging is too funny!!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Of course, you could WORK at your job like the rest of the world is... including poor unloved and unappreciated belly!!
THEN maybe he wouldn't be putting his greasy nasty hands over the wall and watching you like some creepy elmo doll!! EWW AND NASTY!
I still think you have a case for sexual harrassment and lawsuit!!