Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just Call Me Ugly Betty

I watched Ugly Betty on 10/26 and that bitch stole my costume..I too, am a Butterfly of sorts today..My costume is waaaay cuter (of course)
I got the wings from Torrid/Hot Topic (mine are purple)..son of a bitch...I just noticed they're on sale for $4.00..I paid $14.00 dammit to hell!!!!!

I, like Betty, am THE ONLY MOTHERFUCKER in here with a costume on!! (There's probably a blog about me and my damn costume). Thank god the other departments dressed up. I guess I'll hang with them at lunch..this is JUST like junior high.

A lot of my co-workers won't dress up due to "religious reasons"..oh..more candy for me.

Okay..before I go...

Why did this broad come over to my desk just now and HIT me with my own magic wand..bitch hit me a little TOO hard to be "joking around" as she claimed, she almost knocked my rhinestones off!!.
I ignored her since I was on the phone with a client..crazy heffa.


lioux said...

What?? You're stupid!! That hit was OBVIOUSLY not too hard!

Riotgrrlwargasm said...

Ha! How funny-- I used to work at Torrid! I just quit (again) Sunday. If you want to know some funny/scary/gross shit read my archives from last winter!

skinnylittleblonde said...

And, to think I get out of work on Halloween ... for religious purposes ;)