Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday..You Can Just Go To Hell

You'd think I would go to bed at a decent hour on Sunday night..nope, not me, I LIKE staying up till 1am..watching TLC.

So I'm tired today..with the customary "Monday Attitude".

Belly sulked all morning, I barely got a "good morning" out of him..stupid ass
He perked up later on in the morning..unfortunately..Super Giggle on level 11 talking about Mork and Mindy..doing the stupid "Nanu Nanu" line for 5 full minutes..wayyyy past the "mildly funny" mark.
His infamous Snot Whistle is making my left eye twitch. He was looming over my wall today during his lunch..I ignored his ass and acted like I was REALLY engrossed in my book.
I swear, I'm waiting for the day that a snot remnant finds it way onto my desk..I'll punch him dead in his throat..

I went to a meeting on Sunday at my part-time job, what a waste of gas. They fed us candy, chips and cookies like we were 6 and then gave us hot soda...can a bitch get some ice????..and a damn napkin??
One of my young co-workers was high as a kite the entire time. I should have known by the way he ate SEVEN bags of chips and TEN cookies!!

I've never been high so I wouldn't really, I have NEVER been high on drugs...drinking?? Well, that's another story

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reddragonsangel said...

OMG_ !!!! I found you thry her bad mother and you are freeekin' soooo funny! definately my new fave- keep up the great work you rock- no not a crazy stalker- lol- I love the "clutching the pearls" LMAO!!