Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Crap

I wonder, are there Blind golfers? Blind artists?
I was watching a show where there was a blind interior decorator. Seemed weird to me too.

Every time I think about food, I get nauseous. Maybe it's because of I mentioned yesterday, he cheated on his diet..I don't think he was ever actually on a diet, but he claims he is on Atkins.
After he ate 6300 slices of pizza, he hovered around the food table and ate half of a cake...ok, it was a small cake but full fat, full sugar chocolate cake on Atkins?? I looked it up and here's a nasty sounding version of one.
I took a page from his Food Porn handbook and looked over the cube wall while he was eating..he was in a cake was very interesting, gross and sad, but interesting.

I turned around to talk to a co-worker and soon after, I heard his high pitched snot-whistle paired with a "smacking" noise..he decided to stand up and eat over my cube wall..sit your fat ass down and stop dropping crumbs on my floor!!!!
My left ear ACTUALLY started to hurt. The frequency of his nose causes me pain..I'm serious, it does.

Anyway, back to my nausea - Maybe if I keep these feelings going, I could lose some weight..Don't get me wrong, I never actually vomit (vomiting is my pet peeve) I just feel like I want to.
Partially frozen cherry Jello is my food of choice..for the moment. By moment I mean RIGHT this moment, after lunch.
It will probably turn to partially frozen pudding this weekend. It's probably just the sugar.
Would this be considered an eating disorder??? Who knows...

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Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog, its very funny.

i work with a guy like that too, tho if you add to his disgusting eating habits some drooling your only half way there.

most days i feel like i'm only inches from pulling his spinal cord out through his nostrils, one day, it'll happen