Monday, October 30, 2006

The Flavor Of Stupid

Did you watch that bullshit, The Flavor Of Love reunion on Sunday night???
It was so "staged" and the editing was so bad that I thought I was watching an infommercial!!!
I kept waiting for the audience to scream out: SET IT.....AND FORGET IT!!!

That being said..I guess it's my fault for getting caught up. I really did cheer for "Deelishis". If I had a body like that (flat stomach, huge ass, tall like an Amazon), I would NEVER work another day in my life!! Everytime I needed rent or a car payment, I'd just bend over and shake "ass-fairy" dust in The Other Half's face..Presto!! Bills Paid.

What??, what is everybody upset about?? Don't act like you haven't "used your feminine ways" to get what you want. You too Orhan..but in a male way, of course..hahahaha
My feminine ways USED to work with my boyfriend..we've been together 8 he's hip to my shit.
Now I just tell him, point blank, what to do..poor us


I absolutely LOVED the part where the host, La La got pissed off when Buckwyld threw a shoe at New York and it almost hit her (La La) in the head. She said "if another shoe comes this way, it's going to be a motherfuckin' problem". I love when bougie girls let their "ghetto"'s so hilarious


Pawpads said...

I don't think that I understand anything that you said about The Flavour of Love.
Must be an American thing?
But yes, I do use my feminine ways to get stuff. In the supermarket, when I take my car to the garage, when I don't want to do a crappy job at work, etc. It's great.

schmelbyspanks said...

I am not sure how I came upon your Blog but I have spent the past hour reading archives. I have very loudly giggled more times than I can count. I am also very sure that I am now on "my version of the belly's" radar. Thanks for a good laugh.

Meowkaat said...

I was totally right about NY getting her own show- rite down to the name of it. *polishes crystal ball*. I too, loved it when Lala took Buck stupid wylde down a peg. She was so infuriating with her appearing/disappearing accent, I wanted to punch her and say "Are you Buck wiiii-iiild now? Huh? Are you?"

Riotgrrlwargasm said...

OMG, I feel sorry for all of them. If I could choose any way to humiliate and degrade myself in public, I would pretty much rather be arrested for streaking on live TV with my bright pink stretch marks and cottage cheese ass right there in every living room in America rather than fight over some eccentric and clearly drunk has-been who needs a new damn gimmick.