Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Annoying Co-Worker Report 10/10

Belly has this annoying way of clearing his throat. Imagine someone going "Harruumpph" then ending it with a "Hashummm" every 5 minutes.
It's like his nervous laughter tick and I'm going to choke him out soon.

He has a nicer polo shirt on today but he still looks like a busted can of biscuits. You could probably store a roll of quarters in his belly button...eww, marinate on that one for a minute.

My other annoying co-worker wouldn't shut up about her "good cookin' " today..I've tasted it..it's not that great and her 80's era "slacks" are LITERALLY playing grab ass with her today.
She's gonna get a yeast infection if she keeps wearing those pants.
The fabric is pilled so bad, her pants look like a wooly sweater....Ooo Sexy.

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lioux said...

What?? You're stupid!! Those slacks are OBVIOUSLY sexy!