Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Damn Blogger

Damn Blogger lost my last post...don't worry, it wasn't about much except:

Belly tried to "discreetly" point that fucking thing at me again, I gave him a mean, shitty look and he sat his fat ass down.
A couple of minutes after that, his Blackberry rang..the ringtone was one of the 700 songs he theifed from my home computer when he tried to "fix" it once. He ended up fucking it up with a bootleg version of Windows XP. Me and The Other Half had to spend over $200 buying new software AND a hard drive. Thanks, Belly.....bastard!

Picture this:

Because of Belly's gut, the back of his chair has to be set back so far that it looks like he's laying down..nice Barcalounger big boy..hahahahaha
Whenever he's gone and people come by to chat with me, they make the mistake of pulling his chair up...they ALWAYS have this "WTF" look on their's heeeelarious, at least to me.


Rachel said...

Where I work we have normal sized office chairs. There are some folks here that a so big they can't fit into the normal chairs so they get super-sized chairs.
There are times that I want one just so that I can sit on it yoga style.

skinnylittleblonde said...

You let him into your home?!
Were you under heavy medication?!

BTW~ I had a big hairy co-worker who's chair was set in the same position... only difference was that no-one would sit in his chair. It was sweat stained.

Linka72 said...

skinnylittleblonde, In reply to: "You let him into your home?!"

God no woman!! I unplugged the tower and brought it to him in a Kenneth Cole bag (I have standards dammit..hahaha)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Whew! I was scared for a second that Orhan might be onto something. :O

BTW, even most big & tall mens chairs have a weight limit of 350 lbs. You have to go high-end to get the super-mack daddy's which go above that & they cost mucha mucha. A pneumatic lift can only take so much pressure.