Friday, October 20, 2006

The Spy Who Loved Me..Yekk..Gag

Ok, yesterday, Belly was standing around in the middle of the and shootin the shit. (aka - getting on EVERYBODY'S nerves).
He had his raggedy little Blackberry and he wanted to take a picture of my female cube mate..she immediately covered her face and screamed NOOO!!! Me and the others laughed and I made jokes about her being on the run, America's Most Wanted etc, etc..ha ha ho ho..joke over.

Belly continued to hover over her desk while she tried to get her work done. He was making his usual lame ass attempt to make conversation with her, "playing" with his Crackberry while he chatted.
I was on the phone during this exchange, but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that he was OBVIOUSLY pointing that fucking thing at me, but was trying to make it look like he was still "playing" with it and "chatting" with my co-worker.


Belly was out of the office today (thank ya Jesus). Near the end of our shift me and the others started our usual Friday Bullshit Hour. One of my co-workers was trying to make me pee myself by imitating Belly's man-giggle and re-enacting Belly eating a sub sandwich like a cartoon character.. Fucking HEElarious!!
Somehow we got on the subject of Blackberry PDA's and my aforementioned co-worker said that he showed her either a picture or video shot of my desk area while he was showing her pics of her that he took that day(without her fucking permission mind you). Everybody said a collective *HUH??* and wondered what the fuck he was doing taking video/pics of us. My co-worker said he told her:
"I'm just trying to figure out some of the settings [insert man-giggle here]


1. You are the damn ubergeek who knows every fucking thing on the planet, ESPECIALLY electronic shit
2. You JUST showed me 7000 boring pictures from your vacation the other day
3. TWO WEEKS AGO you basically forced me to watch a video of your cheeseball wife dancing in a field on your little device (let me tell was an experience to say the least)
4. Speaking of your vacation, you claimed to have downloaded a movie into your Crackberry and watched it on the plane (anybody who can grasp downloading and converting file types and shit ALREADY knows the settings of a PDA)

We all came to the conclusion that this weird fuck has been videotaping us and we never knew it.
Matter of fact..he was looming over my cube wall with that thing earlier in the day.
My stomach churns at the thought of him having me and my lovelies on video.

I told The Other Half about it and instead of promising to kick his ass, he pokes fun by saying: "Yeah, just think, we may see you on the internet with your head photoshopped onto a nekked body doing horse and sheep porn" (hardy har har har asscrack)

You wait 'till I see his big ass on Monday. I should spin his chair around real fast..his legs are so short he couldn't stop it!!! Unfortunately his belly might hit the edge of the desk and slice his nasty gut open..thus making a mess that we'd probably have to clean up.


Orhan Kahn said...

I'm just going to come out and say it, you're in love with Belly. Come on, just admit it. I've seen stalker sites with less dedication to their victims.


skinnylittleblonde said...


lioux said...

OMG! Do you think Belly might be taking photos and video for his *secret* blog??

Linka72 said...

Dammit Orhan!! It's not right for you to prompt me to vomit THIS early in the morning!! I just spent all this money on breakfast, now it's ruined.

Linka72 said...

Liox, you too deserve a beat down!!

Linka72 said...

Too bad I can't spell your name Lioux..I went to public school ya know

Rachel said...

Linka ~ I have to tell you that I ADORE your blog. I ran across it this afternoon while trying to ignore my co-workers and now I am hooked.
I added you to my blogroll.

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL @ Orhan & Lioux....oh, the co-worker hate plot threatens to thicken.... It Couldn't Be!
BTW, having gone to public schools, I know that you are fully educated on how to administer a smack-down. LOL

Your blog rocks!

Karen Rani said...

Oh my God that last sentence....all I could visualize was Big Macs and Hungry Man dinners splattered all over cheap office-type rug. BLECH!