Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stop Looking At My Hooters

I know they're big, luscious and lovely but is it neccessary to stare THAT LONG at them?? Did you think that I didn't notice the million second stare?

I actually made the mistake of turning toward Belly today while discussing something stupid he did. I was standing, he was sitting so that basically made him tit-level, But there was a cubicle wall there to protect me right..NOPE.
That is just gross..and perverted..I could see it coming from a bastard on the street but from your co-worker?? Why can't you camouflage it like most men do???

My stomach is actually churning and are those bugs under my skin????

Eww..must. vomit. now


Musawwir said...

I have been extremely curious about this phenomena for years. I am very aware of my penchant for staring at breasts and wonder why I cannot stop it. I make a concerted effort to look at a woman's face and not let my eyes be drawn even though the female form is what draws men. I wonder if all of the emphasis on hiding breasts has not created this undercurrent of need to stare? It is refreshing to see a woman openly talking about it.

Orhan Kahn said...

You don't really expect a male to stop looking at big breasts, do you? I mean, seriously, do you?!

Linka72 said...

Actually Orhan Kahn, I'm not sure you should stop..just hide it better.
For instance, if I see a man with a REALLY huge "package", I look but I dont't let him KNOW I looked.
Are you, like me, feeling really uncomfortable now?

Orhan Kahn said...

Personally I'd start to wonder if I zipped up. But looking at a pair of knockers require slight eye drop, looking at a crotch involves full neck momevment unless you're a midget. I hope you're not a midget?

Boy, this DOES feel awkward!