Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stay in your own sandbox

Damn, I've been off work for 4 days..didn't want to be here today..but oh well.

Here's a rundown of my "oh so exciting" weekend:

Friday: Woke up all chipper, ready to spend some money..went back to sleep and did nothing all day.
Mom and sis came by in the evening, fed them leftover fried chicken and we watched tv

Saturday: Woke up all chipper, ready to spend some money (again), this time I actually left the house. Went to Joann Fabrics - madhouse. Went to Hancock Fabrics - madhouse. Went to Hobby Lobby - ghost town, how do these people stay in business??

Sunday: Hell..what did I do Sunday??..oh!! I went to a barbecue..and nothing was ready when we got there..except for spaghetti..at a barbecue..ok whatever.
Once the food was ready it was pretty damn good though.
I worked at a nightclub as a cashier that night. It was "Gay Night" - My favorite..there are some really pretty men out there and some REALLY butch women out there. One of the girls, I swear, could walk up on me and fool me. She had a mustache and everything!! To pass the time I fread some of the gay publications that were laying around in the booth..Whew, a whole new world to me I tell ya!! For instance, did you know that The Legendary House Of Allure was founded in 1989 in Washington DC?? Yeah, me neither.

Monday: SLEPT ALL DAMN DAY..except when I went to get crab legs for the big baby The Other Half. Crab legs take too damn long to eat, by the time I cracked all the shells, I don't want it anymore..and the stink?? Eww
Watched Dane Cook's Vicious Circle..He has GOT to be the funniest motherfucker alive!

I saw that The Crocodile Hunter died this week. He was killed by a Stingray, poor man. My question is (however rude/hateful it is) : Why were out with dangerous sea creatures?? Stick with what ya know best, especially if something is deadly and all....just my opinion


pickle said...

what did you get / what were you planning for with all the craft store stops?

Linka72 said...

The usual foolishness that I let sit in my "craft room" (read: dining room table)