Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou Cool Points??

Firstly, (and off topic) why is using the bathroom at my job like using the bathroom in a stadium after a Rolling Stones concert??? God Damned Disgusting!!

Anyway, me and the cube mates were talking about embarrassment and it got me thinking about:

My Most Embarrassing Moments (so far)

1. My weave ponytail got caught on a guy's watch on the dance floor and fell COMPLETELY off my head. I ran out of the club with ponytail in hand and waited by the car (I did not have the keys and my bitch friends stayed in the club another 2 hours)

2. Went to Skandia Miniature Golf when I was in High School. I was attempting to step into one of the mini motor boats. I had one SUEDE booted foot in the boat and one SUEDE booted foot on the "shore" when the boat decided to go on it's merry way. I fell ALL THE WAY UNDER the water with hundreds of (well maybe 6) cute boys watching, pointing and laughing...again, I ran to the car (it's my thing)

3. Was on a first date and sneezed. Yes, I farted a little at the same time. I didn't run to the car that time but I wanted to.

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