Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Record Company People Are Shady

Hey..I forgot to tell you about my weekend...I'm sure you were waiting with baited breath. Can you image baited breath..probably not so fresh.

Friday I did a little part time gig at a local club. Being the brilliant, efficient cashier that I am, I am in such great demand (yeah, right). They pay me cash and the work is easy. Maybe I shouldn't have told you about the cash part..oops, I'll fill out the tax forms later, anyway...

When I got there, Lyfe Jennings was doing his sound check..damn that boy is talented. I love when singers can ACTUALLY sing. He had a cute little assistant girl who ordered pizza for the band..I should have ate some, just to be obnoxious.

I spent the next hour shooting the shit, on the clock of course, cuz that's just what I do.
The club was hosting the Billboard R&B Hip Hop Conference Awards. Lots of jaded industry people that didn't clap after the performances. The artists were literally begging for feedback during their performance..it was sad

That damn Flavor Flav was there - omigod, from what I could hear, he was ghetto as ever.
Lupe Fiasco performed "Kick Push"- damn, I love that name
Bobby Valentino sounded pretty good too
My new favorite boyfriend Young Dro did "Shoulder Lean" - I don't see ya dancin' dammit!!
I mostly sat around reading magazines until about 1:30am. Slow night since most people already had a ticket. They had the Chef from the Body Tap strip club cater the event, the food was actually good..who knew??

But there was one moment I can't forget. Earlier in the evening, when people were viewing the Red Carpet (you actually bought a ticket to see that crap??) a guy walked in the club WITH A BABY..I didn't say a toddler, or a school aged child I said A BABY....WTF???
He had the pastel diaper bag on with the strap across his chest like a messenger bag, like he was cool or something.
All I could do was stare in disbelief. Wierdly enough, the baby looked happy, like he goes to the club all the time.
A few minutes later I hear one of the female security guards flippin' out cuz the guy is getting drinks from the bar and taking cigarette samples from the Sponsor. From what I heard (through the door of the booth) after that is that the manager:
Cussed him out thouroughly - poor baby's ears should have been covered (ha)
Threatened to kick his ass and...(cover your little eyes boo boo)
Chastised him about child endangerment

My whole thing is: Where the hell was the MAMA?? I wish The Other Half would have the nerve to take our future baby to the club..huh???

Saturday Worked at my OTHER part time job...funny how I still don't have any money

Sunday The Other Half took me to Pappadeaux. It was a very nice seafood restaurant but of course there was a bunch of my boughetto folks in there. Singing Happy Birthday all loud and drunk and shit...so sad.
I was wondering why he kept telling me to "order whatever I wanted", He even threatened to get a $60 lobster like the guy next to us.
Come to find out..The Other Half got a new credit card...WTF?? Hopefully this won't end badly with bill collectors calling.

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