Friday, September 15, 2006

Speaking of Embarassment...

I watched Survivor last night. They've divided everyone up into different ethnic groups. White, Black , Asian and Hispanic. uh oh

You know everybody on there is worried that if they mess up on there, they'll be the embarassment of THE ENTIRE RACE!! What about the stereotypes?? Some are true, most are exaggerated.
As usual, it got me thinking about all of the times I've been embarrassed by certain members of my particular race.
Remember the DC Sniper?? Well, Is my face family swore up and down that it had to be a white guy just on stereotype alone - organized, slightly and randomly crazy..etc. But look what of us!! Can you hear our collective *DOH*??

Or there's always the evening news...Why do they always pick the person with two teeth, (one in her pocket) a head full of rollers and a dirty house-dress. " I seeent da hole thang"
Can you see me cringing??

Oh and lest we forget...Flavor Flav.. oh. my. god.

My White co-workers say they are embarassed by Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks. I think she's great and should be able to say whatever the fuck she wants if ya ask me..but ya didn't.

I had a Black manager when I worked for a start-up a few years ago. She made it her life's work to make sure that her Black "underlings" were shining examples in all areas and that THEY didn't embarass HER.

I worked in a customer service call center..hellish job but the money was good. Anywhoo,
There was this obnoxious bell on the wall that rang every time our 800 number rang so the whole company could hear it.
I'd be sitting there working way too hard (cuz she was always on my back) and that damn bell would get started...she would walk past the 10 OTHER CALL REPS in the department who weren't on the phone, lean on my desk and say: "The phone's ringing"...
WTF?? So I'm then expected to turn away from the 15 foot high stack of work that she gave me and answer the damn phone!!
Whateva!! I wanted to go to HR but The HR manager was her best buddy (smart move on her part now that I think about it).

Oh!! One thing I will NEVA forget: Each day we had to do this ridiculous cheer after the morning meeting, I was so damn embarassed to do it, since once again, the entire company could hear it. At the end of said cheer, there was a "whooo!!" I was so irritated that one day, I just didn't say it. This heffa actually pulled me aside and said " you didn't say the "whooo!!"....WTF????

Oh I could go on for days about that broad..her ankles swelled up really big while she was pregnant and never went back to normal [insert evil laugh here].
Karma is a bizzle!!!

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pickle said...

ew, flavor flav is soooo nasty and those girls are even nastier. shudder.