Monday, September 18, 2006

My Hair STILL Hurts and Some Stylists are RUDE

I got my "wig tightened" again this weekend, Ouch.....Here's what Tree Braiding looks like.
These are obviously NOT pics of me..My hair looks wayyy better (conceited much??) I've got a kinda Oprah curly thing happening like this:

But I look good and that's all that counts..RIGHT?? My braider was about an HOUR late for our appointment, and once she got there, she had the nerve to "clean up" the shop for 45 fucking minutes..I was pissed but she was my last resort at the time and I think that cow knew it.

Anywhoo, I'm hating on hairdressers today - oh the hate mail I'll get.

Why the hell:

1. Why does your stylist's hair always look like a bird nest?? Every time I sit in the chair, I hope to god she won't do the same thing to my hair.

2. Anyone who's been to an African Braiding "Salon" can relate to this: English Please.
I'm pretty sure they're talking shit about me in some form of French. I got an A in French in Jr High but I only remember: the dirty words, Hello, Goodbye and Thank You..Yaaaay Public School!!

3. Why do you have 87,000 clients in there at the SAME TIME and I spend 6 hours under the damn dryer watching you walk back and forth, acting like my hair is STILL wet, saying " just a few more minutes" and giving me the "I'm sorry" smile. GREEDY!!

4. Is that actually Barbisol in that nasty looking glass thing???

5. Why do you NEVER have a drape or scissors or rollers or ANYTHING??? I use to pay $300 to a guy for a sew in weave and that boy was NEVER prepared. Needless to say, he didn't get MY money again.

And so on and so forth...

Do I sound a little irritable today ya think??

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