Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Damn Cramps

What the hell am I doing at work today??? I have the worst cramps known to man..well probably not that bad..I tend to exaggerate sometimes.

For instance today, Belly's voice is actually scratching my nerves. Is that possible? Who knows. He said that I was "grumpy" today. What am I, a dwarf?? What a cheese-ass word.
He said "Hi There" again to a caller, again..cheese-ass.

Speaking of Belly, remeber how I told you he seems to know EVERY DAMN THING?? Another co-worker was talking about the news of the day so Belly butted in with a story about Carp fish in India (????WTF???) and how "that sure is large for a Carp". What the fuck would you know about the size variations of fucking Carp???? I swear, I'm gonna kick him in his neck.

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