Thursday, July 20, 2006

How do you know so DAMN much??

How does one person know SOMETHING about EVERYTHING???
Belly cannot shut up. My other podmates and me could be talking about say..shit chips, well Belly will go on for about 20 minutes on the origin of shit chips.Blah Blah fuckin' Blah.
I'm going to slap him today and just act like it didn't happen.
Maybe I can convince him that I have a form of Tourette's that makes you slap people out of the blue.

Dream Dialogue of the Day:

Me: Hey other podmates, I watching a show about Discombobulators on the Discovery Ch....
Belly: (butting in as usual) Did you know that the first Discombobulator was invented by Harvey Fishgrease of Paducka Illinois, He was a great guy that owned.....
Me: (thinking) SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
This is the part where I stand up as my podmates cheer me on,(linka linka, linka!!)I turn the corner of his cube and slap his fat face SQUARE in the mouth. Now picture me walking away spouting expletives and twitching.

Wouldn't that be nice???


OneHungMan said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think I worked with Belly. There is a person at my work that is an expert in everything.

Sudiegirl said...

I LOVE that! I admit, I can come on like a know it all sometimes too, but I've learned to watch it over the years.

You could claim it as a form of epilepsy/Tourettes/stress disorder that causes you to spontaneously slap the crud out of someone if they're making you angry.

I came to visit via BloggerChicks, and I'm also a member. I'll stop back if you'll have me! :0)