Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How Much??!!??

$700 to fix the Air Compressor in my car...huh?
Car Guy: Well that's how much it'll be if we supply the part. If we use the compressor you brought in, we'll only charge $396
Me: ONLY??

So that was in April, I have since spent that money on other pressing crap like the light bill and such..Next time I'm going to marry for money I tell ya.

Something really bad happened in Belly's family last week so I feel bad talking about him right now.

On to other things...
I just ate one of those Little Debbie Honey Buns..eww What is that mineral/dirt aftertaste?? And it seemed a little slimy if ya ask me..but you didn't
Nausea besets me like a pack of Wild Hounds...(got that from an old Goodie Mob CD)

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