Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks Suck

Had a good Holiday..sort of...

We barbecued and it was good, we went to see the fireworks and it was bad.
Got into an argument with the other half over him nearly running a light that had CAMERAS attached to it, He yells that we don't have a license plate anyway but my concern was ALL THE DAM COPS ON THAT VERY CORNER!!

Gees... quiet "moment" for 30 minutes.

We finally parked and walked to a good spot on the corner in front of the mall, sat down and cracked open the water jug I had the good foresight to freeze before we left, mmmm nice cold water tastes good in this oppressive heat.

We sat there almost two hours people watching and finally speaking to each other, he's fun when he's not being moody and cranky. I love him so much.

Anyway, sappy moment over.

It was almost time for the fireworks and I think I was more excited than all the kids around.
I noticed that there was some lightning off in the distance, then some dark clouds but we ignored it like everybody else. Then all of a sudden, THE WRATH OF GOD CAME DOWN (well it seemed like it anyway)The wind started blowing, lightning was striking, thunder was rolling, people were screaming and running...WTF?? We smartly decided to pack the hell up and try to make it back to the car..knocking innocent children down and accidentally (maybe) beaning a man in the head with my water jug. By the time we got back to the car, we were full of grit and nastiness and were being followed by a family who wanted our fabulous parking space.
The other half had to pee and was going to go behind the car but a lady got out of the stalker car and stood there by our bumper, I guess to ensure that she got our space..flippin weirdo.

I was really disappointed that we missed the fireworks..(I used to be DEATHLY afraid of fireworks..not sure what changed that)
I kept looking back hoping the fireworks were going to start luck. We got home and ate some dinner. The news finally showed the fireworks..they sucked. I guess it's a good thing we left.
There were people out there with umbrellas, braving the rain.
My other half looked over at me and said: "You know damn well I wouldn't be out there in that shit"
Me: Sigh...Well maybe if the lightning...
Him: (As if to say "whatever, crazy lady") "Shiiiit"
And that was pretty much the end of the discussion.

I still have sand in my eyes, teeth, etc..ewww

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