Monday, July 03, 2006

The Tag Office can kiss my....

Okay so we bought a used car a month ago and had to put an ill-timed down payment on it (hence my "in the minus" checking account) and the paper Drive-Out tag got rained on and the date fell off. In this state I'm sure I'd get life in prison or something for this so I decide to just go get the real license plate because the office is near my house.
I only get 45 minutes for lunch but I figure I can fly there on two wheels (as usual) and be back in time to log back in to the phone system.

BUT NO!!!!!

First of all I'm basically on Empty because the boyfriend drove out all the gas this weekend. (I guess that ok since he paid for it)Then it seemed that everybody on the road was old and/or crazy and kept getting in my way.
Finally I get in front of all these assholes and lo and behold A DAMN COP CAR!! So I pretend to be a cautious driver until he turns off then I (as usual) get back on two wheels and drive like only I know how. Had to make a u-turn because the left turn light was mocking me by not changing AND FINALLY, I'm there..wheww...Only 3 people in line in front of me , technically there were 5 but 3 asian ladies were together, they looked like really old gangbangers in polyester but I digress...
With 15 minutes to spare, I getr to the little window and show the guy my registration, license and proof of insurance..I could feel something was wrong...
Tag Guy (in training mind you): "Ma'am, we don't see proof of Emissions on the record"
Me: WHAT!!! I paid for it in the deal (pulling out pile of papers) Look, right here $25..
Tag Guy: Sorry, they (the dealership crooks) either didn't do an emissions test or they forgot to enter it into the system.
Me: (thinking) Fuck Fuck Fuckety Fuck!!
Me: (out loud) Ok, what can I do?
Tag Guy: You'll need to get an Emissions test ASAP or we cannot give you a license plate

I swear to God I see why people shoot up government offices every year.
After calling 411 a thousand times and after being transferred all over the earth, I get somebody at the dealership who claims taht she had no idea the emissions wasn't done and that if I could "just come on down", they'd get it fixed. THE WHOLE POINT was to not have me drive way the hell over there on 3 tablespoons of gas.."Or you could pay for the test (again), send us the receipt and we'll reimburse you (yeah right).
I got back to work 17 MINUTES LATE!!! No one seemed to notice though...until the late log in report comes in next month, SHIT!!

So the moral of this story is...Just drive around with a crappy crinkled paper tag until the Good Ole Boy highway patrol pulls you over and beats you within an inch of your life for "resisting arrest".

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