Monday, July 03, 2006

My boring except for Bow Wow

Went to my second job all ready to fist fight the new manager...nothing to worry about..he's kinda goofy.
A little too "motivated" for my tastes but oh well.

I rang up Bow Wow (the rapper) on Saturday...I felt like a damn teenage girl!! I was all nervous and shaky..WTF?? I played it cool, but my GROUPIE Male co-worker did not. In an ATTEMPT to be cool he kept asking recording studio questions..I was embarassed because he seemed like he didn't really want to talk, at least about that shit.
He had the black American Express card, that bastard..I had to check his ID and he was quite nice about it..ha!
He was really short..poor thing. But he was really good looking up close, like he gets facials or something. I think he's old enough for me to love him down now.. I felt like a chester molester looking at him when he was younger.
He bought some Jordans and a couple of T-Shirts, spent about $150.00

Rich people suck...until I get rich, then rich people will be cool...anyway.

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