Monday, July 31, 2006

More Food Porn..and a tight polo shirt

Blogger doesn't like me..I posted this already but it disappeared..damn it. It's probably bad Karma cuz I was being hateful...Here goes AGAIN..

So I'm standing in my cube shooting the shit with my co-worker during my morning break. I was eating a bowl of cereal MINDING MY OWN DAMN BUSINESS and Belly interrupts me..he says "excuse me [insert heavy nostril sounds here]. Slowly I turned..he took one look at my bowl and commenced to STARE FOR A FULL 7 SECONDS!!! (Seriously..think about how long 7 seconds actually is) then as if someone slapped him, he snaps out of it and continues on with his bullshit question.
I was actually embarrassed and I found myself "hiding" my bowl while he yammered on.

I think he has an eating disorder that involves staring at other people's food. He did it again at lunch, andt he used the "asking a question" excuse again..eww

His polo shirt was soooo tight today, I think I actually saw his body hair sticking out of the can see his stomach from the back of him.

Must go vomit now

Ok another side note...EVERY TIME I try to blog about his fat ass, he stands up and hangs over my cube wall..snot whistle on level 11..maybe he senses when he somehow knows when I have food over here...gonna kill him

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QT said...

I just started reading this blog from the beginning and WHOA - I have someone who does the same thing to me whenever I eat! They have to be all up in the biz-nass. Can't a girl EAT IN PEACE!

This is some funny shit....