Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I am SOOOOO Lame

I feel the need to blog every day for some reason..even though **GASP** I have nothing to talk about.

I've been reading some of the blogs on the blogroll I joined.
I find the "mommy blogs' really interesting. They give really great insight on the "ins and outs" of motherhood.

I really need to give birth to somebody some time soon. Me and the other half are getting pressure to get married first...we're such unholy fornicators!!!

I used to work with a lady that was actually pissed off that I wasn't married. Whatever, lady..YOUR marriage wasn't even going that well so who are you to judge...OK soap-box moment over.

It would probably be good to be out of my apartment and in a house before we invite another person into the world.


thethinker said...

I try to blog everyday, whether I have something worthwhile to say or not. At least your posts are interesting.

Melissa said...

As a blogging mama who is married, I say take your own damn time on the marriage (if it someday suits you) and the spawning (if that someday suits you, also). Enjoy your life as it unfolds! Besides, I adore reading about your co-workers. Everyone has these people, but you have a nice way of laying it out. Carry on with your bad self.