Monday, August 21, 2006

Such an exciting weekend..yeah, whateva

Friday the boyfriend started his monthly "man period". Big baby was mad about something that he didn't care to share with me..he's so moody.
I used to get upset and take it personally but not anymore. I figure that just the way he is. (see last post)
But enough of that serious stuff...
Let's talk about stupid Reality TV shows. I of course watched Flavor of Love..WTF is wrong with these broads?? Flav is so gross..and old..and I'm pretty damns sure his breath stinks like hell...eww

I also watched Making The Squad. It's about making the Dolphins NFL cheer squad...I really don't understand why these teams make it SO DAMN SERIOUS. It's not like those girls make any REAL money. Then they make them get all skinny to join. whateva
Keep in mind, this is coming from a girl, who in High School, only joined the Pep CLUB (not squad where the real cheerleaders go) team for the free food at the meetings each week.

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