Monday, August 07, 2006

She Actually Sh*t Herself

The other half finally returned from Man (Drunk Jack-Ass) Fest 2006.
He said he was dehydrated..from what I wonder??
Lifting weights?
Running a marathon?
Hell Naw
Drinking like a frat boy??

He admitted to me that he only ate 3 times in 3 days..WTF??
I suspect they slept in the car but he swears they had a hotel room..And why the hell do you have TWO cans of air freshener in your luggage??
He says: Well, Guys take shits
Me: Umm ok?

Men are strange

So anyway, I said all taht to say this...
I was watching Flavor Of Love on VH1, I know what your thinking..but dammit, it's like eye crack..I just can't stop looking at it.
There was a girl on there that actually shit on herself after teh clock ceremony...what the hell is wrong with a grown person taht shits on themselves??????
She claimed that her stomach turned around and said:
Bitch, You got me fucked up!!

Mine stomach has said that to me quite a few times but i haven't shit on myself in at least 32 of my 33 years of life on this planet! Eww, nasty cow

Drinking is obviously not for everyone.


Meowkaat said...

THANK YOU. I was watching that, going OH MY GOD... did she just SHIT on the FLOOR in Flav's CRIB? In fact, I fully intend to review that TV show and I'm going to mention that stinkiness in as much detail as I can.
I love your blog and I'm reviewing it today, BTW. Keep that co-worker bashing coming, sistah!

Max said...

Seriously, those hoes make me want to give my ovaries away.

Of course I'm Tivoing every ep.