Monday, August 28, 2006

More Belly

Ok, he's in "Full Jackass Mode" today. Thank god the phone's have been pretty busy today and thank god again that Belly is REALLY competitive. He's always trying to answer the most calls in the group..whateva asshole

Anyway, he said the phrase "Oh Snap" today...WTFFFFF???? Who even says that anymore?? That's like calling a group of friends your "posse" or saying a girl is "Fly"..sheesh, with your stuck in the 80's ass.

There's also another word that he says that absolutely grates my ass. Whenever he is trying to explain something (at length) that is really expensive, he says in a high pitched squeal:
It cost a Greeep!! (Imagine his dumb ass rolling the r)

what else..what else..OH!! Today Belly man giggled and it actually STOPPED a guy walking by IN HIS TRACKS, I was walking down the aisle and the guy looked at me as if I could explain what the fuck that was!! I just dipped my head and scrambled to the ladies room.

He kills me how he just blurts out statements or questions and expects you to know what the hell he's talking about. For Instance:

Cut to a small group of co-workers standing near my cube talking about a mall, basically shooting the shit and all of a sudden..
Belly: You know his DNA didn't match right??
Group: What??
Belly: The pervert
Group: Huh??
Belly: The JonBenet case..blah blah blah
The Group just stared at him with the WTF-Whateva look. I can't help to think that he gets that look a lot.


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pickle said...

wait i think i know this guy... is his name chuck?

Linka72 said...

Actually it's not..I want to say his name so bad..but I'm sure somebody will tell him there's a blog out there about him..dammit