Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am such a CHICKENSH*T!!!

I watched Belly eat an ENTIRE rotisserie chicken for lunch today..jees He claims he's on the low-carb diet..yeah sure.

While he was smacking away in his cube, I was standing up in my cube and looking at a web site WITH MY BACK TO HIM as usual. I was minding my own fucking business and I hear:

Hey you..

I knew he was talking to me but I refused to be addressed as "Hey" or "Hey You" for that matter.
He finally said my name - well sort of - you know he likes to shorten my name which really pisses me off, but I digress...
After waving me over all fast like a fucking 6 year old...
He says to me: "Did I do or say something to get "us" off kilter?
I thought to myself: "yes, you fat, greasy-faced, whole chicken eating, weird ass, bad joke tellin',Polo shirt stretchin' NERD!!!, Check my last 7000 posts on Blogger.com, dumb ass!!"

But like a chicken shit, I just said that I hadn't had anything to say lately (yeah, cuz I've been blogging it all) THANK JEHOVA, my phone rang - I was literally saved by the bell.

My stomach is churning at the thought of him re-visiting the conversation. He acts like we were best buddies before or something..whateva

My mean bitch part of me is so glad that he noticed that I've been snubbing him. [Insert EVIL laugh/snicker here]
Then that stupid sap-ass part of me feels bad for his low self esteem, starved for attention ass.

But as always I got over the sappy-assness and went back to despising him..Woo Hoo..Good Times

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