Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boys and Earrings

So I was watching a Katrina recap last night on NBC and they did a follow-up with a lady who last year was pleading with the camera for help for her baby. Such a cute baby, it broke my heart.
They reported that she was doing "okay" ( she hasn't been able to find work) and they showed her baby - OH MY GOD THAT CHILD WAS GORGEOUS!!! But see, I thought it was a little girl..well it had earrings in both ears and had long, curly blonde hair dammit!!

I wondered what she was thinking when she decided to pierce a boy infant's ears? Shouldn't she have waited, at least until he was a teenager, so that he could make the decision on his own? The Other Half got his EAR pierced when he was 13..still too young if ya ask me..but ya didn't did ya?

It got me thinking about a post by Amanda where people were harassing her about a decision she made for her son.
Somehow, to me at least, gymnastics is just a little different than baby sized bling bling.

Then I thought about all the cute little girl-babies I've seen with earrings..Double standard much Linka72??

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fin said...

Babies don't need earrings.