Monday, August 21, 2006

Boobie Fest

OK, You know I absolutely adore all mommyblog fellow bloggers like Amanda but dammit, I was a little freaked out this weekend.

I was walking through Sears..minding my own damn business when I turned a corner by the shoe department and saw:

An ENTIRE the wide open of a dept store

Maybe I should explain. She was breastfeeding, which would usually make me sigh and say "Oh how sweet" but this lady had a TUBE TOP on, and she didn't have a towel over her tit.
It caught me SO off guard that I think I stared for a second, in shock, because I was pretty sure I was looking at a breast but needed to adjust my eyes to make sure she wasn't just flashing me (It happened to me once..true story).

Now I know what you're saying.."we've all got em" but mine wasn't all an ill-fitting tube a store.
I felt a little bad about being startled by her..and her tit, so I looked around on the internet. Found this about Breastfeeding Confrontation

Anywhoo..she gave me a dirty look, so I gave her one back..that probably wasn't appropriate.

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Amanda said...

Well is she was breastfeeding there is no way you saw the ENTIRE tit! I mean, come one, the baby had to have some of it in it's mouth. Right?

If the baby wasn't nursing- taking a breather perhaps- and the mom was just letting her boobages air out for all the world to see then I don't blame you for being shocked.

Besides, tube tops are so 2004. You should have shot her an evil look for the tube top alone. Leave the nursing out of it :)