Monday, August 28, 2006

Reality TV is really getting out of hand

I made the mistake of watching Flavor of Love again this weekend - I just can't stay away, it's probably something subliminal they flash across the screen to make you watch it...Ok now I sound REALLY crazy.

Later on in the evening after we made paninis (why can't I just say we had grilled cheese sandwiches??? We watch wayyyy to much Food Network) , we watched Celebrity Fit Club. You know how you think that a person seems really nice, just like their character on a particular show?? Well Issac from the LOVE BOAT has completely shattered me!! During one of the challenges he said of co-star Angie Stone, "That Bitch ain't gon' do SHIT!!" ...eeeek!! *Gasp* [clutching the pearls]
I simply refused to believe that he said that - but it sure was funny as hell, and because we're that kind of stupid, me and the other half said it to each other all night -
Iron Chef: The chairman?? He ain't gon' do shit
Infomercial: The AbLounger?? It ain't gon' do shit
The Gospel Channel: They ain't gon' do....okay maybe that one went a little far..but our heathen asses laughed anyway
...oh the laughter

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